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Embark on a journey of renewal and protection with our meticulously curated Gift Box, a perfect symphony of nature's most potent elements. This collection is an ideal companion for anyone stepping into a new chapter of their life, be it a new home or a fresh start in the New Year.


Rosemary Bundle: Uncover the aromatic power of Rosemary in our carefully crafted bundle. Known for its ability to cleanse energy and invite wisdom, Rosemary sets the stage for a harmonious and enlightened living space.


Cedar Bundle: Embrace the ancient, protective energies with our Cedar Bundle. Revered for its purifying properties, Cedar is a natural guardian, creating a sanctuary of peace and security.


Selenite Tower: Discover the luminous grace of Selenite. This self-cleansing crystal, often likened to solid light, radiates positive energy, making it an impeccable choice for charging any space with serene vibrations.


Om Crystal Holder: Enhance your spiritual practices with our unique Om Sign Incense and Crystal Holder, a beautiful and functional piece that adds a touch of tranquility to your rituals.


Black Tourmaline: The grounding force of Black Tourmaline. Known for its protective aura and anxiety-relieving qualities, this stone is a fortress of calm in the tumult of life.


Welcome the New Year with open arms and a fortified spirit. This gift box is a beacon of hope, a guardian of peace, and a harbinger of prosperous beginnings.




The Guardian Gift Box

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