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Zaina & Family

Greetings, I am Zaina Murad, the founder & the creator of organic allure. A metaphysical supply storefront located in the historic Occoquan, Virginia.


I am a mother of two lovely boys, and the founder and creator of Organic Allure. A Certified Organic Skincare Formulator with Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation Science.  I have also studied Master Herbalism and crystal Healing. I'm a natural beauty enthusiast & and believe that you give love without expectations.

I started organic allure in 2018 in the Woodbridge local farmer’s market. I moved to our historic Occoquan storefront location in 2019, and we have been here since then. Thanks to the continued support of our wonderful community.

We are a woman and family owned & operated business. We also proudly partner and support other locally owned businesses like ours.


At the Organic Allure, our mission is to spread love and elevate each person who walks through our doors. We strive to accomplish that through every product we have available in our store front.  Every item that enters our store is reiki energy charged & placed with intention to provide the highest energetic vibration.

Organic allure is where care meets magic.    Here we say CARE & we also offer also spiritual healing.

In our store front We offer all natural, vegan & locally handmade skin care products. I Zaina personally formulate, design, and make every single skincare products. All the bath products come from the vendors from local farmers market in Woodbridge Virginia. I remember sending this energy into the universe about awning and opening my own store and promising my neighboring vendors in the market that when it happens-because I believed it would- oh they so will have their products offered in my shop, till all of us have our own storefronts. And this is were the care part of store comes.

  In addition to this we have the metaphysical part of our storefront, where all the spiritual healing/magic happens. This is where universe aligned me to evolve. Here in our magical healing space, I also partner with 4 other beautiful crystal Healers/reiki masters to offer spiritual healing to all the souls that seek us at organic allure.  we have energetic offerings including Reiki, chakra alignment, Tarot readings, and birth chart analysis. also, we offer a wide selection of crystals, over 170 different type of crystals, sound bowls, incense, candles, tarot cards, and metaphysical ritual tools.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me,


Always Love & Light,

Zaina & family.

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