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Sprout Hair and Scalp Oil

Elevate your hair care routine with our luxurious Sprout Hair and Scalp Oil. Designed to fortify and rejuvenate, this potent elixir strengthens your locks and promotes healthier hair with every application.

Why Choose Sprout Hair and Scalp Oil?

- Combat Itchiness: Bid adieu to those irksome itchy sensations on your scalp. This oil eases the urge, offering a calming respite and ultimate relief.

- Organic and Vegan: Crafted with a commitment to our planet and its inhabitants, Sprout Oil is all natural, organic, vegan, and handmade.

- Premium Ingredients: Every bottle boasts a rich blend of the highest quality ingredients. Benefit from the enriching properties of black cumin seed, grape seed, black castor oil seed, and hemp seed oil.

- Essential Oil Infusion: Experience the therapeutic aromas and benefits of rosemary, peppermint, and lavender essential oils that nourish and invigorate your senses.

- Effortless Application: With its thoughtfully designed dropper, applying the oil directly to your scalp and hair becomes a breeze.

- Upgraded Packaging: Due to popular demand, we've revamped our packaging. Now, enjoy more of this precious oil in a larger 4-ounce glass jar and dropper.

Nourish, strengthen, and beautify your hair with Sprout Hair and Scalp Oil. Your hair deserves the best, and we're here to provide that love. Thank you for choosing quality and sustainability.

Your satisfaction and trust drive everything we do.

Blessing & warmth,

Zaina & team.

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