The Five Reiki Principles

  1. Just for today, I will not worry.

  2. Just for today, I will not be angry.

  3. Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

  4. Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

  5. Just for today, I will be kind to myself, my neighbor and every living thing.

Note: These are translated from the original Japanese, so obviously, there are a number of variations on these principles; however, the core message remains the same.

“Reiki” means “Universal” + “Life Force Energy.” It is the vibrational energy within and between all living things. To practice Reiki or to receive a treatment session is to tap into the mindfulness of this energy, and with intention, using it to release our tensions and heal wounds- physically, emotionally and spiritually. The body and spirit have a memory that stores up joy and pain (trauma), and by activating the energy within, you can set free any energy that has been stuck and therefore has caused you dis-ease in life.

Reiki is like a massage for your energy. It is all about revealing where the energy lives in your body and where it’s free-flowing versus blocked, stuck, or lower-vibrational.

Reiki gives you a boost of energy. It can leave you feeling energized and relaxed simultaneously. It lifts the spirit so that you can feel joyful, calm, and inspired. Some people feel the energy flow through them like a current. They experience it like a tingling sensation, warmth, and sometimes like a magnetic charge coursing through your body. Many people go into a nice deep trance state, because your experience will be very much like meditation.

Many guests leave feeling lighter and at peace. If you pursue Reiki to heal physical pain you might notice some alleviation right away or over the course of a few sessions. If you come with an intention, it can help give you clarity and insight about it. When negative or stuck-energy is released it can feel emotional, transformational, and powerful. Sessions with Beth are a safe container to feel whatever you feel and discuss it as you need.

Reiki is a come-as-you-are practice. Simply wear comfortable clothing that you can lie down and breathe comfortably in. Beth will
invite you to remove your shoes as a grounding technique, but it is up to you. It is best to turn your phone off and set aside technology so that you can focus in the present moment.

If you want to mindfully prepare for your session you can:
    1. Set an intention for healing. Think and meditate on it for a little while.
    2. Eat cleanly and drink plenty of water.
    3. Journal before and/or after this session (write about your intentions, how you feel, and what “comes up” for you, or any
synchronicities in life that feel related to the work.
     4. Ground your energy with some quiet time, connect to the earth.
     5. Stretch or do yoga beforehand, allowing your body to release tension.
     6. If you have crystals or totems of healing that you work with on your own, you are welcome to bring them so they can receive the energy charge and cleansing from the session as well.

When the session is complete, drink plenty of water, take it easy, rest. Reiki gives you a lot of energy but it can also leave you ready for more rest. (and helps you sleep deeply). Reiki energy continues processing in your body and the world around you for 24 to 48 hours. Notice the abundance of synchronicities and Universal guidance relating to messages you received from the session’s work. After the session, Beth can recommend crystals and further practices to heal based on your individual intentions!

Organic Allure Team & Tribe

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Meet Ms. Lilian

Hello, to all who take a moment to read about me; Namaste.

My Name is Lilian, I am a certified Usui Reiki healing practitioner. I started practicing reike in 2017, and since then it has changed my vision of life, how it has helped me to know and to understand myself better and accept certain experiences in life. It has helped me to channel my energies and manage my emotions. Reiki has helped me to simply stop for moments, breathe and then continue my days.

Reiki has taught me that we can all help others with the Uniqueness. The joy of seeing others happy and being able to liberate other people from suffering and bring them peace. I have learned to be open to universe in order to continue living life with new ideas, and grow from our experiences. so it is very important to learn to continue learning and continue to grow. I believe we all have a unique path to travel, which we should not speed nor should we go slower. Each of us is going at our own pace. So do not be in a hurry, everything happens in it's time.

I would like to share that I started this journey with my mentor and Reiki masters Thomas F Capsh JD, PH.D.

I'm here to awaken my self and others, to help the planet transition smoothly into it's next evolutionary .To serve through learning and teaching, and to enjoy myself through it all, and help every cell in the body awaken and rejoice. 

Reiki has changed my life and my way of thinking. I learned to be more responsive, and has helped me with internal and personal development.

Today & everyday with love ... Lilian 

Text or call (703)565-4200 to book Lilian's next available appointment.

Meet Ms. Tiffiny

Once upon a time…I felt lost. Emotionally and mentally heavy and dissatisfied with my existence. I was floating through life – not truly living but just merely existing. And I was desperate to shift the imbalances in my body, mind, and spirit. I struggled with these feelings until I found Reiki, and then everything began to change for the better. As I deepened my practice, crystals entered my life and meditation became a treasured aspect of maintaining my energetic balance each day. My healing journey continued to blossom as I discovered the power of food, herbal infusion and essential oils for physical, emotional, and energetic focus into my life. I looked forward to every new day as I started to trust my intuition more, instead of feeling overwhelmed by doubt and anxiety. I am lucky to have been on that challenging journey because it has brought me to this moment, and to you.

I know there is a magical and miraculous side of life that we are placed here to explore, and I can’t wait to discover more of it with you.

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Meet Ms. Cindy 

Artist, Energy Healer, Hypnosis/Meditation Practitioner, Intuitive Tarot Reader.

  The Tarot reveals what is unseen in order to make sense of what is seen.  

All kinds of energy surrounds us - from nature, our families, friends, acquaintances, and  even the spirit world. These unseen forces influence our lives tremendously.

Discovering  how to harness and use these subtle energies to the highest good of all is my focused  desire and my life’s work.  

I am a Lifepath 8, Emotional Acknowledgist (Projector) by Design. A desire for and  commitment to personal growth has been the foundation of my passion for providing  knowledge and guidance to others. Over the years I have gained much understanding of  how life works from neuroscience and metaphysics, especially as relates to neuroplasticity  and the Law of Attraction. I have always been a deeply spiritual person (empathic,  intuitive, clairvoyant), who is unafraid to ask the harder questions of life, my peers, and  most importantly, myself.  

A long-time meditator and Tarot reader, I recently acquired my certification as an Energy  Healer and Meditation/Hypnosis (past life regression) Practitioner. In 2018 I discovered the  art of pouring paint. Working with fluid acrylics opened a door to deep inner healing that I  never imagined possible. I am currently developing a classroom curriculum that will  combine breath work with fluid art, to unlock your innate creative superpower. Feel free to  check out my blog at for more on my journey into self awareness.  

I am available in the shop every Thursday & Friday from 1 to 5 p.m., other times by  appointment only.

Please call 423-737-6823 for more information about my services or to  set up a free consultation.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to empowering you to  move forward with success on the amazing journey that is your life.


Much love, much light,  


Meet Mr. Mac 

My name is Mac and I am an 18 year Health and Physical Education teacher, Usui certified
Reiki Practitioner, Teacher and volunteer EMT recruit. My spiritual journey started when I was
at a very young age. I was always very curious about angels, knowing where I came from, how
to communicate with God and what happens to us following death. I was introduced to and
have been certified in Reiki for 20 years, however, I didn’t allow myself the space to recognize
the importance of that gift at the time and fell out of practice. It was not until the sudden passing
of my father in July of 2019 and meeting my amazing Reiki teacher Alice “Alicja” Jones that I
was moved through the reconnection with Reiki into a period of deep personal examination and
healing. This healing was not just from mourning that loss but also mourning the way I had
been living. I recently read a quote that resonated with me powerfully because it very simply
stated where I was at the time in my life.
“The best days of your life can’t happen without you there. Live with presence. Live
Intentionally.” -Yung Pueblo
I spent a good majority of my life not being fully present with who I was as a person. Most of it
was spent nurturing personal trauma, insecurities and strongly held mistruths that I had told
myself were all safe and comfortable space to exist in. I was unhealthy physically and
spiritually. Experiencing a death as significant as a parent was the catalyst for unpacking all of
the different seasons of my past so that I could begin living life with presence and intention. It
was by no means easy but Reiki has inspired the paradigm shift into this new season of my
existence and how I live now spiritually. It is this reason that serving others to guide in
facilitating this growth in themselves has become a passion of mine.
My hope is to be a leader of growth and healing for those who I will have the opportunity to
cross paths with in sharing the transformative power of positive change, love and self-
empowerment that Reiki has to offer.

-Many Blessings

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